Nelson, V. R., Multer, C. E., & Snyder, A. R. (2004). The immediate effects of resistance training on athletic performance in softball players. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 36(5), Supplement abstract 1141.

The purpose of this study was to determine the impact of resistance training on throwing velocity (TV), sprinting speed (SS), and throwing accuracy (TA) on the day of and the day after a resistance training workout in collegiate softball players. Collegiate softball players (N = 11) volunteered as Ss. On three consecutive days, SS, TV, and TA were measured following a brief warm-up. SS, TV, and TA were measured at the distance from home plate to first base. In addition, TV and TA were also measured at a typical distance for an outfield throw. No resistance training was performed on days 1 and 3. On day 2, all Ss participated in a structured and supervised 75-minute full body resistance training program immediately before testing.

SS and TV did not change significantly across the three days. A significant increase was observed between days 1 and 3 in the number of inaccurate throws at both short and long distances.

Implication. Resistance training 24 hours before softball participation negatively affects throwing accuracy in softball players.

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