Masamoto, N., Larason, R., Gates, T., Alemany, J., & Faigenbaum, A. D. (2002). Effects of different testing protocols on the expression of maximal strength in trained male athletes. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 33(5), Supplement abstract 848.

Ss (N = 12) participated in three testing sessions separated by at least six days of rest. 1RM for a back squat was determined on each occasion. During the first session, a series of incremental load sets was performed until 1RM was determined. On the other two occasions, Ss performed either three tuck jumps or two depth jumps 30 seconds before the 1RM attempt.

1RM was significantly greater after the depth jumps than after the incremental load sets. These data suggest that depth jumping enhances subsequent maximal strength tests. Although the depth jump value was greater than for the tuck jumps, the difference was not statistically significant.

Implication. The results of a maximal strength test are influenced by the type of activity that precedes the test.

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