Henley, M. O., Irving, B. A., & Gaesser, G. A. (2004). Effect of single- and multiple-set resistance exercise on postexercise energy expenditure. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 36(5), Supplement abstract 1896.

This study investigated the effects of single-set (~20 min) and multiple-set (3 sets, ~60 min) resistance exercise routines on post-exercise energy expenditure in young adults. Resistance exercise-trained women (N = 6) and resistance exercise-trained men (N = 2) were studied during three randomly assigned conditions: control (sitting, no resistance exercise), single-set resistance exercise (1 set of 10 exercises at 10 repetition maximum (RM)), and multiple-set resistance exercise (3 sets of 10 exercises at 10 RM). Both resistance exercise routines used the same upper- and lower-body exercises. Sets were performed on a 2-minute cycle. Ventilation and pulmonary gas exchange were measured continuously for 30 minutes before exercise, during the exercise period, for the first 30 minutes of the 120-minute post-exercise period, for alternating 15-minute periods for the next 90 min, and again (for 30 minute of rest) 21 hours after each trial.

Mean energy expenditure during the 3-set trial was greater than during the 1-set trial. Total 2-hour excess post-exercise oxygen consumption and net energy expenditure of the 3-set resistance exercise trial and the 1-set resistance exercise trial conditions were higher than that observed during the comparative 2-hour resting control condition, but were not different from each other. Post-exercise energy expenditure had essentially returned to pre-exercise levels after 2 hours. At 21 hours post-exercise, resting energy expenditure among the three trials was not different.

Implication. Both single- and multiple-sets of typical resistance exercise routines elevate post-exercise energy expenditure and post-exercise oxygen consumption in young adults, but this effect is not prolonged and returns to pre-exercise levels within two hours.

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