Haddock, B. L., Hoppmarshak, H., Blix, G., Mason, J. & Smith, S. (2002). The effect of varying resistance training programs on strength, lean body mass, and metabolism. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 34(5), Supplement abstract 708.

Untrained males and females (N = 55) were assigned to three different training groups. A low-volume group (N = 21) performed one set (8-12 reps) of eight exercises; a high-volume groun (N = 17) performed three sets of eight exercises, and a high-volume and variety group (N = 17) performed one set of 24 exercises. Testing was conducted before and at 12 and 24 weeks into training. For the first eight weeks Ss trained twice a week, and from then on three times per week.

All groups significantly improved strength on the training exercises. Lean body mass and resting metabolic rate improved similarly across all groups. There were between group differences on three exercises but no consistent pattern was indicated favoring one training protocol over the others.

Implication. Untrained individuals changed strength similarly irrespective of the training protocol used.

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