Wilkinson, J. G., Urhausen, A., Scheidt, A., Coen, B., & Kinderman, W. (2003). Performance and hormonal responses of competitive swimmers to high-intensity interval training and regeneration. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 35(5), Supplement abstract 1834.

Competitive swimmers (M = 12; F = 8) were matched for gender and performance and assigned to either an endurance (E) or high-intensity interval training (H) group for three weeks. One week of regeneration followed. Performance was measured on a 400-m and 5 x 100-m swims.

The H group exhibited higher lactate levels when compared to the E group. There were significant improvements in 100-m performance and maximal blood lactate in both groups after three weeks and the week of regeneration. Blood lactate after the 400-m swim also increased in the two groups after the first week but declined after regeneration. One week of regeneration was insufficient to allow hormonal alterations to recover.

Implication. Either endurance or high-intensity interval training in swimming results in significant performance improvements after three weeks. One week of regeneration is inadequate for hormonal recovery.

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