Kenetta, G., Hassmen, P., & Raglin, J. S. (2001). Training practices and overtraining syndrome in Swedish age-group athletes. International Journal of Sports Medicine, 22, 460-465.

This study aimed to determine the incidence and nature of staleness in training in serious young athletes (N = 272). Ss represented 16 sports and were given a questionnaire about training, staleness, and psychosocial stress.

Thirty-seven percent of Ss reported being stale at least once with the highest incidence being in individuals ports. Stale athletes reported greater perceptual changes and negatively altered mood factors. Staleness was distinguished from burnout on the basis of motivational consequences: 41% lost their motivation for training; 35% reported low satisfaction with important relationships; and 29% reported a decline in the relationship with their coach.

Implication. Staleness is a widespread problem in young athletes in serious sport participation. Its symptoms are reflected to a worsening of social interactions as well as a loss of training motivation.

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