Halson, S. L., Lancaster, G. I., Jeukendrup, A. E., & Gleeson, M. (2003). Immunological response to overreaching in cyclists. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 35, 854-861.

Males (N = 8) completed two weeks of normal training (5-9 hr/wk), two weeks of intensified training (9-19 hr/wk), and two weeks of recovery training (1-6 hr/wk). Ss performed six graded cycle ergometer tests to exhaustion, six simulated time trials, and eight 2 x 10-min maximal effort interval bouts. Mood was also assessed. Blood assays were performed.

Intensified training produced overreaching in all Ss, verified by reduced performance and disturbed mood states. No relationships between various immune indicators and overreaching were revealed, but the glutamine/glutamate ratio could be considered as a possible marker for overreaching.

Implication. Overreaching is not indicated by immunological factors, but the glutamine/glutamate ratio might be a useful indicator if verified consistently by other studies.

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