Wingo, J. E., Cureton, K. J., Millard-Stafford, M. L., & Stueck, M. G. (2003). Effects of sport drink ingestion in male and female cyclists. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 35(5), Supplement abstract 1724.

Cyclists (M = 6; F = 6) cycled for 115 minutes at 27C. Intensity alternated between 60% and 75% VO2max every 15 minutes. A 6% carbohydrate beverage was consumed immediately before starting (6 ml/kg) and every 15 minutes in the exercise (3 ml/kg). Immediately following that submaximal exercise a 5-minute performance ride was completed.

In the submaximal ride, no gender differences were found for heart rate, blood lactate, blood glucose, carbohydrate oxidation, fluid uptake, plasma volume change, or rectal temperature. Respiratory quotient was significantly higher, but rating of perceived exertion significantly lower, in women than men. In the performance ride there were no differences in sustained %VO2max or relative work.

Implication. Effects of sport drink ingestion are similar for both genders.

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