Verducci, F. M. (2000). Interval cryotherapy decreases fatigue during repeated weight lifting. Journal of Athletic Training, 35, 422-426.

The effect of icing working muscles and joints between weight-pulling sets on work, velocity, and power was investigated. Male weight trainers (N = 10) pulled 75% of 1-RM on two separate days. The weight was pulled as fast as possible 22 times, then either ice or towels were placed over the arms and shoulders for three minutes, followed by 4.5 minutes rest at room temperature. The sets were repeated until Ss could not complete 22 pulls without stopping.

Cryotherapy resulted in a significantly greater number of arm pulls and work volume than the towel treatment. Performance velocity also was improved significantly with cooling. Power was significantly higher in the first four sets of the cryotherapy condition.

In sports where activity is intermittent (e.g., basketball, volleyball, football) it would seem appropriate to consider icing the principal working muscles and joints between exercise bouts.

Implication. Interval cryotherapy between weight-pulling sets is associated with increased work, velocity, and power.

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