Ryan, M. J., & Pascoe, D. D. (2000). Influence of a cooled vest on work time to raise core body temperature. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 32(5), Supplement abstract 902.

This investigation determined the work time to core temperature (WTCT) in Ss wearing a whole body protective barrier suit and either a vest with a middle hydroweave layer saturated with tap water or no vest. WTCT was defined as an increase in core temperature of 2 degrees Celsius. Males (N = 8) completed each condition walking on a treadmill in a temperature of 31 degrees Celsius. Physiological measures were taken at 10-min intervals until S reached the WTCT criterion.

The cooling vest produced significantly longer WTCT times, lower heart rates from 20-40 minutes, lower core temperatures in the first 40 minutes of exercise, and lower ratings of perceived exertion.

Wearing a cooling vest under a barrier suit significantly extends the work time when compared to not wearing a vest.

Implication. Wearing a cooling vest extends performance in the heat.

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