Mitchell, J. B., McFarlin, B. K., & Dugas, J. P. (2003). The effect of pre-exercise cooling on high intensity running performance in the heat. International Journal of Sports Medicine, 24, 118-124.

Males (N = 11) completed two treadmill runs to exhaustion at 100% VO2max with and without pre-cooling. Cooling consisted of standing at rest for 20 minutes in a 22 degrees Celsius environment with fan cooling and water spraying. Performance and temperature measures were taken.

Time to exhaustion was significantly shorter in the pre-cooling condition. Peak temperatures, rates of heat gain, and net heat storage were all lower in the cooled condition than in the control. There were no differences in lactate accumulation between the two conditions.

Implication. Pre-cooling influences thermoregulatory responses during high intensity exercise, however, performance is impaired.

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