Davis, S. L., Wilson, T. E., Schaffer, R. A., Dolan, R. L., & White, A. T. (2001). Exercise and thermoregulatory responses to lower limb and whole body precooling. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 33(5), Supplement abstract 254.

Males (N = 11) participated in two trials one week apart. A trial consisted of four, 30-min intervals (baseline; immersion in water at 20 degrees Celsius to hip or neck level; exercise at 60% VO2peak; recovery).

Whole body immersion produced better thermoregulatory results than hip immersion. However, hip immersion resulted in less metabolic heat production and thermal discomfort than whole body immersion.

Implication. Precooling produces desirable thermoregulatory results but the amount of the body that is precooled causes different effects.

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