Zhou, B., Ernst, M., & Wang, Y. T. (2002). Limiting factors for maximal oxygen consumption within male college students versus collegiate distance runners. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 34(5), Supplement abstract 621.

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Untrained male college students (N = 10) and trained college distance runners (N = 10) were measured on a variety of factors during an established treadmill protocol.

Runners were significantly different in VO2max, Qmax, and Svmax values to the untrained individuals. There were no group differences in HRmax and a-vO2diffmax. VO2max was correlated with different factors in the trained group to those of the untrained group.

The authors concluded that limiting factors for maximal oxygen consumption in the trained group were different from those in the untrained group. The limiting factors for maximal oxygen consumption within groups were not the same as those between populations reported in previous studies.

Implication. The physiologies of untrained and trained Ss are different. It is a dubious procedure to apply research results from studies employing untrained Ss to practical procedures for trained individuals.

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