Walker, J. A., Frappier, J., Johnson, S. C., & Swanson, S. C. (2000). Effect of a 6-week incline treadmill training program o Wingate test results and 40-yard sprint times. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 32(5), Supplement abstract 1846.

"Incline treadmill training has been shown to result in greater hip extensor ROM and greater EMG activity levels in the lower extremity muscles compared to level running" (p. S362) A group of young male athletes undertook a standardized 6-week incline treadmill training program. Another paired group served as controls.

The training program produced significant increases in peak power on the Wingate Test and significant improvements in 40-yard sprint times. Incline training was proposed as being a satisfactory training modality for sprinting.

This study contradicts the specificity of training principle that would suggest no beneficial transfer between the training modality and the performance tests.

Implication. Incline training was shown to improve sprinting in young male athletes.

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