Vaz, P. S., & Gomes, P. S. (2002). Effects of nine weeks of lower body anaerobic training on peak power of male adults. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 34(5), Supplement abstract 129.

Male college students (N = 39) were assigned to one of three experimental groups and a further 10 were assigned to a non-exercising control group. Training occurred three times per week for nine weeks on a cycle ergometer against a workload equal to 7.5% of body weight. One group performed three 30-s sprints with three minutes of active recovery between each sprint. Another group performed three 30-s sprints with five minutes of recovery, and the other experimental group performed nine 10-s sprints with three minutes of recovery.

All groups improved in absolute and relative power with no differences between the groups.

Implication. Variations in training programming produced similar training improvements. Minor variations in program elements might only be useful to avoid boredom in athletes.

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