Macklin, K. J., Talanian, J. T., Peiffer, J., Parker, D. L., & Quintana, R. (2003). The effects of a 7-week sprint training program on supramaximal power indices in untrained individuals. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 35(5), Supplement abstract 1623.

Ss (M = 4: F = 3) with low cardiorespiratory fitness trained for seven weeks on a sprint interval training program. Ss trained for four intervals (an interval was a 30-second Wingate protocol sprint) with four minutes of recovery for each interval. Each week, another interval was added to the training program, which resulted in 10 intervals being performed at week 7. The recovery interval was reduced by 30 seconds per week after week 4, resulting in an exercise to rest ratio of 7:1. Training was three times per week.

Peak power increased significantly up to week 5. No further changes were evident in weeks 6 or 7. Total work decreased significantly at week 6 (-14.9%) and 7 (15.2%), which is suggestive of overreaching (accrued general fatigue).

Implication. In untrained individuals, whom one would expect to exhibit the maximum range of training effects, sprint training only produced changes across five weeks on three times per week training. After that, improvements ceased and the ability to perform total work also decline.

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