Hunter, G., Demment, R., & Miller, D. (1987). Development of strength and maximum oxygen uptake during simultaneous training for strength and endurance. Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, 27, 269-275.

Ss (N = 34) trained for 12 weeks in one of four groups: strength, endurance and strength, trained endurance and strength, or endurance. Only the trained endurance group was exercise adapted. Strength training consisted of 3 x 10 sets on a variety of exercises four times per week for 40 minutes at an intensity near 75% of heart rate reserve.

It was found that the group that began training strength and endurance together was at a disadvantage in the development of strength. The already-endurance-trained group was not disadvantaged and may even have had an advantage in strength development.

Implication. If strength and endurance training are to be performed together, strength training should begin after an adequate endurance base has been established.

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