Hughes, S. C., Burgomaster, K. A., Heigenhauser, G. J., & Gibala, M. J. (2003). Six bouts of sprint interval training (SIT) improves intense aerobic cycling performance and peak anaerobic power. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 35(5), Supplement abstract 1875.

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This investigation studied the effect of six intense sprint interval training (SIT) sessions over two weeks on performance and physiological measures. Recreationally trained Ss (M = 6; F = 2) performed SIT (6 bouts of 4-8 Wingate 30-s tests with 4-min recovery between tests) six times with 1-2 days of rest between sessions over two weeks. Performance was measured by a ride to exhaustion at ~80% VO2peak. Physiological measures were taken.

VO2peak was unchanged over the training period. Maximum anaerobic work increased by 14% and cycle time to exhaustion increased ~101%. Lactate measures were unchanged as a result of the training.

Implication. Judiciously applied sprint interval training and recovery resulted in improved intense aerobic work and to a lesser extent, anaerobic work.

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